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'Moby-Dick Unabridged' Show Reel

Readings shouldn’t be boring

The Special Relationship is a London-based non-profit organisation that produces live literature events. We like to collaborate/integrate/mix with other artistic forms (e.g. illustration, video, music, set design, dance, theatre) to create memorable events that celebrate the written word.

Our aims are to promote, encourage, support and celebrate the literary arts and its practitioners in the United Kingdom and beyond by developing unique literary events that include the participation of under-represented individuals and groups, local communities and other charitable organisations.

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  • Memories are the Stories You Tell Yourself

    This masterclass will demonstrate that we all have stories to tell, and our unique personal experiences can be the starting point for our writing. What to write about is always the question. Join writer Jarred McGinnis in some fun exercises to show how lived experiences (yours and others’) can be the starting point for your fiction. At the end of the session, you should see that everyone, especially you, has stories worth telling. This workshop is roughly 60minutes including writing time. If you’re short of time skip to 4:56 to start the first writing activity.

    This video was originally streamed live on 19/05/21 as part of a week of National Writing Day activities and was recorded for use as part of this digital resource library with permission from the Writer.

  • Novel Voices: Natasha Brown and Jarred McGinnis with Ellah P. Wakatama

    A five-part series featuring Ellah P. Wakatama in conversation with 10 debut authors who are shaping 2021’s literary landscape. The fifth event took place on 26 April and featured writers Natasha Brown and Jarred McGinnis.

  • Trash Ducks

    This is a short short story of mine. About as close to poetry as possible for me. Published at Pank.

  • Kiana Davenport’s ‘Bones of the Inner Ear’

    I was asked by the fantastic ‘Read Me Something You Love’ podcast to read a story and discuss why I loved it. I chose Kiana Davenport’s story ‘Bones of the Inner Ear’. The voice is mine; I wish the words were. Enjoy.

  • Home but Not

    This is a recording of a story of mine about what happens when you give a ride to an insane person as a 16 year old runaway. Published at Litro.

  • 34 Days

    A recording about a cursed ship and a severed tongue. Collaboration with Manzano Linares.

  • The Family Snaps

    This story was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 by Sweet Talk Productions.

    BBC Radio 4 Page
  • Discussion of Disability and Creativity

    This was part of the series of lectures with the Open University on the topic of Diversity. My provocations and reading start just before 00:22:00.

  • Author Not Present Podcast

    Christina and Peter are joined by author Jarred McGinnis to discuss ‘The Woman in the Street.’ Listen to find out what they liked and what they thought could be improved as they deal with structure all the way down to pedantic line-editing.


    A Guided Activity using Darkness

    Now it’s your turn! Jarred McGinnis, writer and a co-founder of the Special Relationship, invites you to explore your own creativity by using some of the techniques that Sam Winston developed to produce his exhibition, A Delicate Sight.

  • Writing Tutorial with Blindfolds

    This tutorial came out of the work I did with Sam Winston’s ‘A Delicate Sight‘ project. In this tutorial you’ll write using a blindfold. It’s a useful exercise to get yourself out of a creative slump.

  • Moby-Dick: Chapter 30 – The Pipe

    Animated by Natalia Bucior for Moby-Dick Unabridged

  • Tedx Talk

    I was asked by TedxEaling to talk about the importance of writing to me.

    Direct link to youtube
  • Charles III

    My story ‘Charles III’ was included in the Writers’ Centre Norwich ‘Story Machine, a part literary festival, part funhouse, where the audience explored Norwich’s Dragon Hall to hear stories performed by writers such as Kevin Barry, Jon McGregor, Sarah Hall and others.